2661 Kensington Ave., Kensington, Philadelphia, 215-425-2996

Larry's Steaks' 1-and-a-quarter pound, 3-foot "Belly Filler" has been the subject of many a St. Joe's University frat-boy challenge. But 1 Pound Cheesesteak stand owner Jimmy Resuli says he's never seen or heard of anyone eating his eponymous steaks for sport. That could be because of his shop's location on a busy Lehigh Avenue truck route, in a downscale Kensington neighborhood. For the truckers, a pound of meat is just about the right size; financial struggling neighborhood families ask him to cut the 24-inchers in six, and feed the entire family for half of what it would cost at McDonald's.

But Resuli's 16-ounce best-seller is more than just a good value: It's also good food. He uses crusty-out, soft-in D'Ambrosio rolls; Lucky Leaf Cheddar Cheese Sauce (which he thinks is superior to the Whiz) and Land O Lakes American ...read more

Welcome to the virtual home of the definitive guidebook to Philadelphia’s favorite food, including history, stand profiles (complete with detailed driving directions and hours), artistic and event tributes and recipes to re-create this great taste at home. “The Great Philly Cheesesteak Book” is everything about the cheesesteak that mind and mouth can digest!

The perfect guidebook and souvenir for visitors! The ideal handbook or gift for local steak fans!

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D.I.Y. Cheesesteak

In which I help First We Feast's Cara Eisenpress make a cheesesteak at home (and typically blunt Philly commenters lambast her for the way she cut the bread).

Have Me Talk to Your Group

All the choice bits from the book in one fun PowerPoint photo slide lecture. Click here for info on my cheesesteak talk.

Country's Best Sammy

I argue the case for the Philadelphia cheesesteak over the New Orleans’ po’ boy in this Fox News website smackdown refereed by online food columnist Elena Ferretti.

3 A Travel on a Grade A Sandwich

I provide expert testimony in this June AAA World magazine piece about the cheesesteak. (Note: One zip code you can plug in to gain access is 19148.)

Can the Maestro of Le-Bec Fin Please a Cheesesteak Expert?

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Michael Klein gets a five-star chef to make me a cheesesteak. (Can life get any better?) Read the food page story, view photos and watch video.

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The Great Philly Cheesesteak Book

3:15 a.m.: Standing room only at Pat’s

3:15 a.m. SRO at Pat's

New York is the city that doesn’t sleep; Philadelphia does, except at Pat’s and Geno’s. These two 24/7 businesses are the literal and figurative crossroads of Philadelphia, and a window on it. Everyone goes there at one time or another and so it follows, if you stay there long enough, you will see everything and everyone. At least that was the idea. Here’s the reality of one recent summer Friday.

4:45 a.m. It’s still dark. The smell of fried onions and beef hangs in the air, along with the sound of some demented singing. A not-very-prosperous-looking elderly man in a green baseball cap sits at a table at Pat’s, not eating.

5 a.m. At Geno’s an employee with a cleaning machine has the sidewalk so thick with soap suds it looks like snow. Meanwhile over at Pat’s...read more